PSAT-Reading 試験解説問題 - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - Reading


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PSAT-Reading試験番号:PSAT-Reading 合格体験記
試験科目:「Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - Reading」

>> PSAT-Reading 合格体験記


NO.1 Sir Giles's irritating reserve, not even excused by a word of apology, reached the limits of his
He respectfully protested. "I regret to find, sir," he said, "that I have lost my place in my employer's
estimation. The man to whom you confide the superintendence of your clerks and the transaction of
business has, I venture to think, some claim (under the present circumstances) to be trusted." The
was now offended on his side.
"I readily admit your claim," he answered, "when you are sitting at your desk in my office. But, even
these days of strikes, co-operations, and bank holidays, an employer has one privilege left--he has no
ceased to be a Man, and he has not forfeited a man's right to keep his own secrets. I fail to see
anything in
my conduct which has given you just reason to complain." Dennis, rebuked, made his bow in silence,
Did these acts of humility mean that he submitted? They meant exactly the contrary. He had made
up his
mind that Sir Giles Mountjoy's motives should, sooner or later, cease to be mysteries to Sir Giles
Mountjoy's clerk.
In context, the words "irritating reserve" in first paragraph is best represented by the word
A. anguish.
B. perturbation.
C. level of resistance
D. tolerance.
E. patience.
Answer: E
When Dennis' patience ran out, he protested.

NO.2 It is indeed a social commentary that so-called reality shows top the charts in viewer counts,
confirming the suspicion that the _______ taste of the American television viewer is easily satisfied.
A. corrupt
B. plebeian
C. indomitable
D. incorrigible
E. incredulous
Answer: B

PSAT-Reading クエリ   PSAT-Reading 解答例   
Choice A, "corrupt" or `morally debased,' is actually too strong to fit the tone of the sentence. We're
talking about Jerry Springer. Choice D, "plebian" or ordinary satisfies the simplicity of the sentence.

NO.3 The ______ dress of the performers was considered ______ by the censors.
A. uniform . . . haughty
B. overly revealing . . . acceptable
C. ostentatious . . . repugnant
D. color of . . . errant
E. matching . . . unfashionable
Answer: C

PSAT-Reading テスト   PSAT-Reading 感想   
We know that censors typically judge with a view to suppress so we're probably looking for two
in this case. Starting with that proposition, Choices B and C are the only possibilities. The second
negative eliminates Choice C, making Choice B correct.

NO.4 The depth and ______ of Lillian's performance was most noteworthy; she presented works
from ragtime
to jazz to classical.
A. scope
B. intensity
C. duration
D. articulation
E. polish
Answer: A

PSAT-Reading 入門   PSAT-Reading 改訂   
Although Choice E, "articulation," appears to fit, it is more appropriately used with speaking, and the
examples are clearly musical, making Choice C, "scope," correct.

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