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SAT-Critical-Reading試験番号:SAT-Critical-Reading 関連受験参考書
試験科目:「Section One : Critical Reading」

>> SAT-Critical-Reading 関連受験参考書


NO.1 It was her need to ______ that caused her to become an ______; the belief that the
government was
corrupt and the constant censorship being the two principal causes for move.
A. express. . .outcast
B. expatiate. . .expatriate
C. release. . .icon
D. control. . .anarchist
E. expose. . .outsider
Answer: B

SAT-Critical-Reading 問題数   
We're looking for a cause-and-effect relationship here, and that relationship has to do with the
about the corrupt government and the fact that she is constantly censored. Someone who is
censored has
a need to present, and toward that end, Choices A, B, C, and D all qualify. Since we also know that he
action involved moving, we can reduce the choices based on the second blank to Choices C and D.
Further looking at the result of her actions and the subtleties of the sentence, we find that the
is recurring. So, in fine-tuning the first blank, we look for the word that best indicates a repetitive
That choice is D, "expatiate," which means to speak or write at length indicating often, making Choice
the best selection.

NO.2 The firm's books were out of balance; there was a (n) ______ between the amount of physical
and the amount of calculated inventory.
A. enigma
B. dissension
C. discredit
D. anachronism
E. discrepancy
Answer: E

SAT-Critical-Reading 訓練   SAT-Critical-Reading 復習   
If the "books were out of balance," there had to be some sort of differential between the two
Only the last two choices pertain to any differential. Dissension, however, is a difference in feelings;
discrepancy(inconsistency) fits the context.

NO.3 Richard III was without any doubt whatsoever the most evil man to have worn the crown of
Attached to his name are so many crimes, and crimes so heinous and unnatural, that it is scarcely
credible that such a monster could exist. He not only committed murder on a number of occasions,
many of those he murdered he had either sworn to protect or should have been expected to defend
his last ounce of strength if he had anything approaching human feelings. First on the list of crimes
the death of his sovereign, Henry VI. Granted that Henry had been deposed by Richard's brother, and
hence could not easily claim Richard's loyalty
The word heinous in line 4 means
A. secretive
B. dishonest
C. awful
D. deceitful
E. bloody
Answer: C

SAT-Critical-Reading 講座   
Richard is heinous(evil), shown by the synonyms "evil" and "unnatural."

NO.4 Herbert had none of the social graces; he was appallingly ----.
A. underrated
B. uncluttered
C. unlimbered
D. uncouth
E. unfettered
Answer: D
Having no social graces means to be rude, or crude. The obvious answer is uncouth(uncultured,

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